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In recent times, the business community has witnessed changing trends indicative of the fact that satisfaction is an on-going factor customers consider before, during and after the usage of a product or service, these results directly affect prospective users of these products or services in the immediate future.

This insistent insatiable desire for consistent excellent service delivery, integrity and consistency leaves service providers no other choice but to think outside the box hence the need for Vicmart Enterprise Limited. We are passionate about quality product and selfless service delivery.

Vicmart is growing and we believe God that we would evolve into a big world class distributor and a business venture in the category of UAC.

Pastor O.A. Adenola
Chairman – Vicmart Enterprise Limited

The company receives direct shipments of goods from P & G into its warehouse at the Headquarters and branch offices. Product distribution is carried out through the following channels:

Sub Distributors, Multi Village Distributors, Wholesalers, Vans, Tricycles, Motorcycles, Open Markets

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Vicmart Enterprise Limited......Distributing Superior Products


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